Green Cooling Initiative on the Belt and Road

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第九届中国制冷空调行业信息大会 “制冷剂替代技术与能效提升进展”专题论坛


2018年8月16日,第九届中国制冷空调行业信息大会在甘肃张掖顺利召开,吸引了来自行业机构、企业及高校的260多名代表参加。在能源基金会”中国制冷能效项目”的支持下,本届大会首次设立 “制冷剂替代技术与能效提升进展”专题论坛。该专题论坛旨在为提升制冷能效提供交流平台,探讨能效提升及制冷剂替代方面的国内外政策、行业动态、技术进展、 市场现状等,进一步推动“中国制冷能效项目”在国家、地方及行业层面的实施。本次论坛的精彩发言包括:能源基金会韩炜主管“提升制冷能效,实现环境效益协同”,中国标准化研究院成建宏研究员“空调能效标准研究进展”,清华大学史琳教授“现阶段制冷剂发展趋势与对策思考的报告”,天津大学杨昭教授“目前应用于制冷热泵系统的低GWP工质的应用特点”,科慕公司许杨峰工程师“目前新型的低GWP制冷剂R513A(XP10)的工质特性及应用情况”,顿汉布什公司杜国良经理“HFOs制冷剂在螺杆冷水机组上的应用测试和研究”,浙江大学韩晓红教授“制冷剂热物性测试平台建设及制冷剂能效分析”,中标能效科技(北京)张佳峥副总和苏州恒兆空调节能科技有限公司符立伟副总经理联合报告“喷射节流技术在R32家用空调器上的应用”。


DDG Wang Shancheng Attended CEM 9 Cooling Event

Activity Highlights

The Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) 9 Cooling Event was held in Copenhagen on May 22nd-24th, 2018. Representing China, Deputy Director-General Wang Shancheng from NDRC attended the Cooling Event and delivered an encouraging speech on the global efforts toward cooling efficiency. DDG Wang believes that the Paris Agreement and Kigali Amendment bring both challenges and opportunities to the global cooling society. The successful implementation of the Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program will advance the clean and sustainable cooling in China and beyond. DDG Wang called for collaborations of the international cooling society to strengthen energy efficiency standards for cooling products and enhance the product energy efficiency thresholds globally; to experiment business models to promote high efficient and low-GWP cooling products, and to innovate energy efficiency technologies and climate-friendly refrigerant alternatives. China is willing to share the experience in energy conservation with other countries and make contributions to address climate change issues.


Hal Harvey Met with Minister Xie Zhenhua

Activity Highlights

Hal Harvey, the CEO of Energy Innovation, met with Minister Xie Zhenhua, China's Special Representative on Climate Change Affairs and Deputy Director-General Wang Shancheng from NDRC on 9th of May 2018. Zou Ji, President of Energy Foundation China (EFC), He Ping, Industry Program Director of EFC and Sonia Aggarwal, Vice President of Energy Innovation also joined the meeting.


Minister Xie and DDG Wang expressed their support for Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program and China Cooling Efficiency Project and underscored the importance of improving energy efficiency at the same time as the refrigerant transition. Minister Xie talked about the need for developed countries to provide finance and support for developing countries on the refrigerant side and China will make continuous efforts on science and technology innovations. DDG Wang introduced that China has made great efforts working on many new standards, labeling programs, and verification for efficiency. Both of the two sides agreed that new technologies are needed to solve the low-GWP refrigerant and the efficiency challenges at once; and it calls for the collaboration between Chinese and international organizations.




Windows to the Future: Over the past twelve months, K-CEP has kicked off direct support to 38 countries and training for all 147 developing countries, committed $30 million in funding, and facilitated collaboration between foundations, NGOs, universities, international organizations and the private sector  – all in service to the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular climate progress. 






China Cooling News: NDRC announced a national reporting system to collect sales statistics on energy efficient appliances


NDRC recently announced a national reporting system for large and medium appliance manufacturers to disclose their sales statistics on grades 1 and 2 appliances as defined by the national MEPS. Six categories of products are required to report, including refrigerator, room AC, flat-panel TV, washing machine, range hood for cooking, gas cooking appliance. The manufacturers are required to submit their reports semi-annually, by September 2018 and March 2019. NDRC will release the statistics on market share of high-efficient products for each province. The data will be shared across governmental agencies.


As began in 2016, central government now conducts annual performance evaluation on provincial governments focused on the progress of ecological civilization. The evaluation is conducted based on the “Indicator System for Green Development” which includes 56 indicators. Market share of grades 1 and 2 appliances is one of the 56 indicators in the evaluation system. However,  the indicator was not included in the 2016 evaluation report due to the lack of reliable data.


We expect that this newly announced reporting system by NDRC will provide baseline market share data for K-CEP China project activities.  Meanwhile, as a consequence of this national performance evaluation system, the provincial governments will attach more importance to improving the market share of high-efficient products, including ACs. We observe this can be an unprecedented opportunity for K-CEP China project to involve joint local government efforts of promoting and improving the market share of high-efficient ACs.

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